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A FREE 12 week Online Physical Activity & Health Education Programme funded by Laois Sports Partnership, Healthy Laois and Healthy Ireland and delivered through our experts at True Fitness.

Programme Overview
This is a FREE 12-week online physical activity and health programme suitable for ALL adults (aged 18+ years) who live in Laois. There are two main pillars to the programme; online exercise classes and online health education workshops which will be delivered via Zoom. This programme is designed and delivered by True Fitness and is funded by Laois Sports Partnership, Healthy Laois & Healthy Ireland.

The programme will be delivered on Zoom. Please do not worry if you have never used Zoom before, it is user-friendly. We will send you written instructions for downloading and using Zoom. We will also host a practice session on Zoom to ensure that you understand how Zoom works, the security features of Zoom to ensure privacy and confidentiality and can use Zoom appropriately for the training sessions. John Bolton, a member of True Fitness, is the Zoom host. True Fitness will send you a link to join the meeting/training session and a password to ensure that only registered participants and the research team can join the meeting/training session. John has sole control over who enters the meeting room and will only allow registered participants to join the meeting. John also controls the security features in the meetings. The meetings/training sessions will not be recorded by us without permission. At all times John will disable the feature allowing any other member of the group to record the meetings/training sessions. Please note that you will need to ensure that your camera is ON during the exercise classes so that the exercise instructor can monitor you. Your confidentiality will always be guarded.

Exercise classes:
There are different exercise groups available during this programme, including:

  • Injury Rehab – These sessions focus on the rehabilitation of injuries through appropriate strength and flexibility training combined with education. This takes place bi-weekly.
  • Healthy Hearts – These physical activity classes are specifically designed for individuals who have cardiovascular and other clinical conditions.
  • Fitness for Men – These are fitness, strength, balance and stretching classes for men aged over 18 years.
  • Prime Time – These are fitness, strength, balance and stretching classes for adults aged 50-80 years.
  • Strength & Tone – These classes focus on developing muscle strength using a combination of body weight and strengthening bands. If you wish to use bands in this session to increase your workload, they are available for purchase. Alternatively, you can use your body weight only.
  • Flexibility for All – This session focuses completely on whole body stretching.
  • H.I.I.T. – This is a High Intensity Interval Training class focusing on improving cardiovascular fitness.

You can join more than one group if it is appropriate for you*.

*Please note if you are part of the ‘Healthy Hearts’ group you will not be allowed to join other classes.

You will receive a Zoom link for all the appropriate sessions every Monday. You will need to complete a screening form before you are registered to take part in the exercise classes. You will receive an editable screening form when you email True Fitness (info@truefitness.ie) about your interest in the study.

During each exercise session, you will perform a warm-up followed by a combination of strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular fitness exercises and finally a cool down. You do not need any equipment or much space to take part in these training sessions. All exercises will be performed at your own ability and desired level of intensity. All exercises will be modified to ensure that they take into consideration any injuries or clinical issues that you have. All exercises will be appropriate for your level of fitness. All training sessions will be delivered and monitored by trained professionals.

Health education workshops:
The education workshops are available to everyone and will be live every Monday from 7-7:45pm. These workshops will not be repeated or recorded. If you sign up for the exercise classes, you will receive an email each week with the link to the live health education workshop. If you do not want to join the exercise sessions but want to listen to the health education workshops, please let us know and we will email you each week. You will receive take-home resources after the health education workshops.

All of the workshops are evidence-based and will be delivered by the multidisciplinary True Fitness team; Dr Diane Cooper (PhD, clinical exercise physiologist), John Bolton (NCEFT, injury prevention and rehabilitation expert), Ruth Kavanagh (MSc, ANutr).

Privacy and Confidentiality
Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. Only the True Fitness team will have access to your information. We need this information to ensure that the classes are safe for you.

How do I sign up for classes and/or workshops?
Please email info@truefitness.ie or ruthtruefitness@gmail.com expressing your interest in the health education workshops and/or exercise classes. If you want to join the exercise classes, please let us know and you will receive a screening form. Our team will review your screening form and you will receive an email to confirm your eligibility for the programme. You will also receive a M1 Physical Activity questionnaire and this will need to be returned before the programme starts. You must return your completed screening form by January 15th 2021.

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