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Laois Sports Partnership are seeking quotations for the provision of Graphic design services & print services which are required for a range of communications/marketing literature for the following:

  • A “Certification of Completion“ designed for the participants on our Prime Time project.
  • Graphic design of template for 20 circuits cards. These are one page documents that contain a number of pictures of different exercises and some text. Text and pictures are ready and will be provided.
  • Graphic design of a 7 day exercise training diary.
  • Graphic design of a one month exercise training diary.
  • Graphic design of a logo for the Prime Time project, or alternatively graphic design of the words “Prime Time”.
  • Graphic design of a template that can be used for social media posts (twitter and facebook). We need to be able to change text weekly, so the graphic design could be of a boarder for example.
  • Graphic design of fitness instructor trainer manual. The content (images and text) is currently created in 9 PowerPoint lectures. The content needs to be transferred into a booklet format for printing.
  • Printing of circuit cards, training diary and trainer manual.

Tenderers should note that the maximum budget for this requirement is €6,000 including VAT and note that we require project to commence immediately.

Tenders exceeding the specified maximum available budget will be eliminated from consideration as inadmissible submissions.


  • All artwork to be created using InDesign software.
  • Laois Sports Partnership to be supplied with final packaged InDesign artwork on completion of each project.
  • Laois Sports Partnership will supply brand guidelines, and all brand assets including logos, graphic elements, colour palettes and fonts.
  • Please note the maximum value of the contract will not exceed €6,000 with no minimum guaranteed spend.
  • Please outline who will be the account manager and the point of contact for the Laois Sports Partnership account.

The contract will be for a two month period.

Evaluation criteria- All quotations received will be evaluated under below award criteria.

Please provide costings under the Design & Print Specification samples stated in appendix 2.


TypeCost excluding vat (70%)Estimated Turnaround Time (15%)Sample Quality (15%)
Certificate of Completion     
Graphic design of template cards     
Graphic design of 7 day training diary     
Graphic design of 1 month training diary     
Graphic design of words “Prime Time”     
Design of template for social media posts   
Graphic design of fitness trainer manual   
Printing of 10 sets circuit cards, training diary and manual (max. 100 pages)   

All quotations received will be evaluated under the following criteria:


  • Overall Cost 70% – Please provide total costings for the sample categories as outlined below. Costings for specification categories 1-8 should be provided for evaluation.
  • Sample Quality 15% – Please provide a sample of material in line with the specification required as outlined below. A sample should be provided for 3 of the 8 specification headings below.
  • Estimated turnaround time 15%-  please provide an estimated turnaround time for each specification category.

Design & Print Specification

Please provide costings of each of the below design & print samples in the AWARD CRITERIA SECTION:

  1. Certification of Completion

A4 Certificate (design & text layout)

  1. Graphic Design of template for 20 circuit cards

A4 Card, design and text layout full colour double sided

  1. Graphic design of a 7 day diary

A5 diary (design & text layout)

  1. Graphic design of 1 month diary

A5 diary 1 month design and text layout

  1. Graphic design of words “Primetime” in a logo format

Design of words “Primetime” in a logo format

  • Design for editable template for social media posts

Design and text layout of template

  • Graphic design of fitness manual

Approx. 80pg annual review design & text layout.

  • Print of 10 x copies circuit cards, training diaries and training manual (100 pages approx. total)


Design and print of above immediate start and completed within two months.


The total cost of design and print will be €6,000 (inclusive of VAT where applicable).  A current Tax Clearance Certificate is required.

Closing date for Submission:

Close of business Friday 27/11/20

We confirm that this tender offer shall remain open for acceptance by you for a period of three

calendar months from the date of deadline for submission of Tenders.

We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest priced or any Tender that you receive, and that you may, at your discretion, terminate the tender competition at any time. 

Signed by or on behalf of the Tenderer by a duly authorised person:

Name in Capital: 
On behalf of: 

A Tenderer’s failure to sign and date this Form of Tender and to complete all sections therein may invalidate the Tender.

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