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Prime Time for Older Adults

Our ‘Prime Time for Older Adults’ pilot project will build on (from a clinical exercise physiology perspective) the existing skillset of fitness professionals in Laois so that they have the skills and knowledge to (i) implement and evaluate an evidence-based strength and conditioning intervention for older adults and (ii) teach older adults the skills and knowledge they need to empower them to increase their functional strength and fitness for activities of daily living and manage and improve clinical conditions they may have including arthritis, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


The overall goal of this project is to create more opportunities for older adults in Laois to be physically active under the supervision of skilled professionals that are equipped to deliver group physical activity sessions for this population, particularly in relation to the clinical conditions that often exist in this group.

Did you know? If you have #arthritis, there is a very specific type and amount of exercise that greatly improves this condition.

This week our workshop takes you through the specific multimodal exercise prescription for Arthritis, specifically Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It focuses on the type and amount of aerobic, resistance, balance and flexibility training that you should do per week and why. It also takes you through a sample training diary for 7 days that you could use to help ensure you achieve the recommendations.

Please view our short workshop to learn more and download the FREE training diary for this week. This video is created and presented by Dr Diane Cooper, Clinical Exercise Physiologist with True Fitness. 

Laois Sports Partnership are delighted to have been able to commission True Fitness to design and deliver this Sláintecare funded project. This short video is week 6 of our 12 week multi-modal online physical activity research study (Project 21) for middle aged & older adults (50-80 yrs) in Laois. It is one of many resources we have created for the participants who are currently taking part in our study called “Prime Time for Middle Aged and Older Adult” #rightcarerightplacerighttime 

True Fitness were commissioned by Laois Sports to design and deliver this workshop as part of our Prime Time for Middle Aged and Older Adults study. This multimodal training study has received funding from the Government of Ireland’s Sláintecare Integration Fund under grant agreement number 21 

Participant Testimonials

I joined True Fitness for the 12 week Sláintecare funded programme for 50-80 year olds in September.

I’m a relatively fit active 60 year old who walks regularly so I wasn’t sure how much I would get from this course. I am absolutely delighted I joined up as I am benefitting in so many ways from it.

1) the online classes really suit me as I don’t live close to any of the centres and I can work them into my daily routine really easily

2) I am loving that all aspects of fitness are covered. Every session has warm-up/cool-down, stretching/flexibility, aerobic strength and balance work included.

3) I am really enjoying the workshops Diane does at the end of some of the sessions and the importance placed on the fact that this is a life long journey and not just for 12 weeks. I feel really well supported by the true fitness team if I need clarity on any aspect.

4) All classes are graded into three fitness levels which means these classes are accessible to a wide variety of people of all fitness levels.

5) My personal fitness has improved greatly and I can see changes to my body shape which is an added bonus! I feel fitter and stronger both physically and mentally thanks to being part of this programme.

I have encouraged my husband to sign up to a true fitness class starting next week and have told many of my friends of its many advantages. It’s a big thumbs up from me for the True Fitness programme.

Breda Broderick

My husband Michael and I are presently attending a physical training course with True Fitness. We find our trainers Diane, John, Ruth and Ann to be highly professional, knowledgeable, supportive and always so encouraging.

In these COVID times, we attend a zoom class twice weekly and always feel so good for having done it. Their enthusiasm is so motivating on all things fitness, from actual physical training to workshops on flexibility and balance training and diet.

We have enjoyed learning so much and we really feel the benefits of attending this course. For us, both doing this course together makes it so much easier and more fun.

We would both like to thank you all at True Fitness for all we have achieved by attending your course.

Kathleen and Michael Hargroves