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ACTIVATOR poles and the walking technique unique to the poles were co-developed by Mandy Shintani (a Canadian therapist). The poles are now being used extensively instead of passive mobility devices such as canes, crutches and even walkers (under the assessment of a therapist). The poles are modified versions of Nordic walking poles and designed to safely accommodate
the needs of people with stability issues, older adults, individuals with chronic conditions, and rehabilitation patients.

Benefits of using ACTIVATOR poles
As an assistive walking device, ACTIVATOR poles can;

  • improve posture
  • enhance balance and stability
  • improve co-ordination
  • promote better gait patterns and speed
  • improve mobility / range of motion of shoulder/neck area
  • reduce impact and stress on hip and knee joints
  • increase resistance for arms and upper body
  • engage and strengthen core muscles
  • raise intensity and increased caloric and energy expenditure
  • build confidence and reduces fear of falling
  • increase exercise/walking tolerance and excursion limits
    (walk further and longer)
  • increase opportunities for social interaction
  • enhanced self-esteem and overall sense of well-being
    key features.

For more information on Activator Poles, view the documents below:

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